High School

Here's what we want high school kids to know about auditing!

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Here's the Auditing 101 for college students!

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Already An Auditor?

Here's what you should know if you're already in the profession!

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These stats from @NASBAgram show a sunny future for audit.
Become an auditor and you could be the one counting the votes for the one day.
Prepare yourself for the by learning the basics ahead of time! Check out these tips from @nasbagram on how to conquer the test essentials. 
Did you know there is a roadmap for success? It's called The Candidate Bulletin. Read through this booklet for all things related to the CPA Exam, such as what’s on the Exam, how to apply to the Exam, NTS info, scoring information, etc. Happy reading! 
Teamwork is essential to auditing. Make sure you get to know everyone on your team for the best start to your career!