A Day in the Life of an Auditor: Emily

A Day in the Life of an Auditor: Emily

City: McLean, VA

Title: Senior Associate

Company: RSM

6:00 AM – I woke up this morning at 6 AM to go to a cycle class. This is typical for me because I like to work out before going to work, so when I get home I can just relax.

8:30 AM – I grab Starbucks with my coworkers first thing in the morning before starting work.

9:00 AM – I start working at 9 AM and set a game plan for the week for the new client I was assigned.

12:00 PM – I take a lunch break to go get food with my coworkers. We go and get Mezeh (a Mediterranean fast casual spot) for lunch.

2:00 PM – I am on the Audit team at RSM, so we travel to the client site majority of the time, which means I do not have a permanent desk in the office. But, whenever I am working, I have my computer and second monitor. I have meetings with people at my firm on trainings and meetings with Controllers and CFO/CEOs of the clients I am working on are my typical meetings in a day. 

5:00 PM – I left the office at 5 PM today. When I get home I take my dog to the dog park, cook dinner, watch TV and then read before bed.

Questions & Answers with Emily: 

What was your major in college? 


When was the last time you had to travel for work? 

Two weeks ago I had to go to Peachtree Corners, Georgia for a new client.

What has a career in Audit done for you?

I have learned so much about different types of businesses and met so many different kinds of people. I have made so many friends from my firm and gotten to work with so many C-Level executives while at the client.

What is one thing that you do with your career in audit that surprised you? 

I was surprised how many close friends I have made at my firm! There are so many great people at my office who I can learn from and who are great to work with.

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

I see myself at RSM as a Manager with kids and another dog.