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Welcome AAA attendees! A career in public company auditing is a path to a dynamic, purpose-driven career. We are here to provide you with resources on how your students can join on this path to success. Download, share, and use our FREE resources below to guide your students.

Mindset, Behaviors, Knowledge & Skills Roadmap

The skills required for the auditor of the future are always evolving. To help you stay ahead of the curve, the Center for Audit Quality, in collaboration with the leading public company auditing firms and the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, developed this roadmap to advise students on what they will need to become a successful auditor of the future. Both college-level educators and students will find this document to be useful as they plan the course of studies. The roadmap outlines the ideal mindsets and behaviors that will be required of the auditor of the future. It also identifies key areas of knowledge that firms consider desirable for their new hires to possess. The knowledge areas can be acquired by completing the relevant courses offered at your institution, which may be offered as requirements for the major in accounting, or through electives. Educators can assist students with the selection of applicable courses. By following this roadmap for their undergraduate studies, your students will have a distinct advantage while also completing their 150-hour education requirement.

Building a Roadmap for the Auditor of the Future


FREE Firm Education Portals & Resources

Looking for additional teaching resources for your accounting and auditing classes? The four largest public accounting firms (Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC – listed in alpha order) and AICPA’s Accounting Education Center all provide free materials that can be used in the classroom. Included below is information how to access them.

Deloitte Foundation Educator Resources 

The Deloitte Foundation offers a variety of resources for faculty use in the classroom, which are designed to connect students with real-world issues and the latest professional developments. We offer dozens of cases and other curriculum support in the areas of financial accounting, auditing, forensic accounting, analytics and other relevant topics.

The EY Academic Resource Center (EYARC)

EYARC sponsored by the Ernst & Young Foundation, provides a private portal, exclusively for faculty from non-profit higher education institutions, that offers free curriculum and other resources on leading-edge issues impacting the profession. Topics cover emerging technologies, technical accounting, auditing and tax matters and more. Faculty interested in access can contact Catherine Banks, EYARC Director, at catherine.banks@ey.com.

The KPMG University Connection

This website offers free access to a wide range of classroom resources and tools.  Our goal is to leverage our resources to provide timely, relevant curriculum materials and examples to supplement the courses you teach.  These materials are suitable for undergraduate and graduate level business courses and cover topics such as corporate governance, financial reporting, information systems, audit, tax and ethics. Go to KPMG University Connection to register for access to case studies, curriculum modules and instructor resources.


PwC’s University Relations website highlights a newsletter for academics, relevant Thought Leadership, investments in higher education, classroom resources and opportunities for professor learning and development.  The site is open access.


The AICPA Accounting Education Center is a resource hub for accounting faculty. This website provides access to award winning curricula, curated resources across multi-discipline areas, and opportunities to engage with the profession. Faculty are encouraged to bookmark and/or save the website to their favorites for easy access.

Case Studies & Auditor Training Videos

The Center for Audit Quality’s Anti-Fraud Collaboration has developed case studies  which are educational tools for all members of the financial reporting supply chain, as well as students. Participants in case study teachings start with a hypothetical scenario about a fictional company dealing with a fraud. Guided by an instructor, they then discuss what could have been done to address the situation. These case studies are perfect to use in classrooms!

The Center for Audit Quality also has developed a series of training video vignettes that provide insights into the types of conversations that occur between audit team members as well as auditors and preparers.

Access our training resources page here

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