#AuditorProud 2017: Let’s Recap the Day!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The 3rd annual #AuditorProud social media blitz was a huge success.

There was a lot of great activity happening throughout the day to celebrate the public company audit profession and its value to our markets and economy, and we wanted to capture it all #ICYMI. Check out some of our favorite moments below:

  1. We had a great time at the Howard University’s School of Business. Brian Anderson, CAQ Governing Board member, and Chris Alabi, CAQ Professional Practice Fellow from PwC, LLP, enjoyed speaking with Professor Ross’ auditing class about how a career in public company auditing has impacted and enriched their lives. Such a great way to kick off #AuditorProud Day!
  2. A few members of the Discover Audit team continued the fun at our Discover Audit booth which we set up in the lobby of Howard’s School of Business. Aspiring auditors had a chance to stop by, use our Snapchat filter, and learn more about the wonderful world of public company audit. Check out the scene – we recorded a Facebook live video with CAQ Executive Director Cindy Fornelli.
  3. And congratulations to our Plinko winners from Discover Audit at Howard! They aced some auditing trivia and snagged some swag and $$$ ($100 to be exact).
    Since we’re handing out congrats…
  4. Congratulations to our #FutureAuditor winners and NAF! There were a ton of creative and engaging posts, so it was a hard decision. Raynaldo and Nia showcased why they were excited to join the profession and how they’re preparing to be a #FutureAuditor. Congrats #FutureAuditors! Posts and photos from the entire Discover Audit Community helped us reach our goal so we were able to award NAF (National Academy Foundation) with a donation to help inspire other #FutureAuditors! Congrats NAF! Your students will be #AuditorProud in no time.

  5. Our Faces of Audit wall also got a lot of love. The audit profession is made up of a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life. The Faces of Audit feature on our website gave us a chance to show the world the many faces of audit. Check out a snippet of the board below— recognize anyone?
  6. Our biggest thank you goes to our Discover Audit community! With your help, we increased our reach across the social media universe. That means more people saw your messages using #AuditorProud and #FutureAuditor and had a chance to learn more about the exciting world of public company auditing. Our goal was to reach across the world, spreading the word about this dynamic profession and the individuals who support it and we did that!

The posts and photos we saw on September 28th (aka #AuditorProud Day 2017) were all amazing. Let’s keep the momentum going! Message us, tag us, and keep using #AuditorProud and #FutureAuditor in your posts. Let’s make every day #AuditorProud Day!