#AuditorProud Day 2019 Recap

Thank you all for making this the best #AuditorProud Day yet. On September 26th, you showed the world what it means to have a rewarding and dynamic career in #audit, reaching millions of people around the world with your audit pride. Here are our top 5 memories from our 5th Annual #AuditorProud Day.

1. For our 5th Annual #AuditorProud Day, we wanted to know where auditors of all ages found themselves #5YearsLater! You all helped us to show that 5 years of working in audit can mean amazing growth opportunities, awesome travel, and strong friendships for auditors from any firm.

2. Members of our Governing Board answered your most burning questions about audit in our Google Autocomplete series. They got into detail about everything from whether you have to become a CPA to be an auditor all the way to “Do auditors get audited?” We can’t wait to keep sharing our favorites with aspiring auditors wondering what they can expect when they enter the industry. Watch all of the videos here.

3. The #AuditorProud spirit was alive and kicking worldwide! Participants from 98 countries shared their passion for their careers in audit all day long.

4. #AuditorProud Day truly brings out the creativity for everyone! From an audit-themed version of Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” to amazing photo props, auditors everywhere showed us that when it comes to a career in audit – you can always have a little fun.

5. And the last thing we loved about #AuditorProud Day 2019? You! Every single person who participated these year helped us to show the world that being an auditor is not just a numbers game. We can’t wait to see you again next year for our 6th Annual #AuditorProud Day celebration. Until then, watch our highlight reel to see if your post made an appearance.

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