How Community Colleges Set Future Auditors Up for Success

Choosing the right college, major, and then career right out of high school can feel very overwhelming.  But as the saying goes: “The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.” And those first few steps after high school are not always a straight line.

Luckily, the path to a career in public company audit doesn’t have to be a straight line. Auditors come from many different schools, 2-year community colleges, and 4-year college and university programs, and from many different majors from psychology to economics to accounting! No matter what your background is, the most important thing is to start working on the skills and behaviors that will get you where you need to go.

Let’s walk down the unique paths of these three auditors who started out in community colleges before they jumped into the audit profession. 


Judy’s Benefits of this Path:

  • Flexibility of classes
  • Nearby school
  • Able to be with family

Balancing family while being a business owner and wanting to get back to school is how Judy decided to attend a community college. She needed to find an option that fit into her life and schedule, so a local school with flexible class options was ideal. Once Judy got started in her studies, she discovered accounting and found that a career in audit could provide the same flexibility.



Jamie’s Benefits of this Path:

  • Small class sizes
  • Engaging professors
  • Ability to work and study

When Jamie decided to attend a community college, she knew she eventually wanted to receive a four-year degree but didn’t have her sights set on a major yet. The awesome tight-knit atmosphere of her small school allowed Jamie to connect with professors who helped guide her towards finding her passion in accounting while getting her footing with school. Another major perk? Jamie was able to balance work and school, so she was able to build up her accounting experience before she started the job search after graduation!



Alex’s Benefits of this Path:

  • Ability to do Internships
  • Found mentors on campus

Alex entered community college knowing that he was going to get out what he put in from his experience. He was able to find professors who were dedicated to being mentors and colleagues. Making his way through the community college path meant that Alex had opportunities to take on early internships and get prepped for his next steps from school to career. Now, Alex is a successful auditor and still keeps in contact with his community college network.

Whether you’re a high school student deciding how to continue your education or a professional thinking about returning to school, a community college program can set you up to take the next steps towards audit with flexible and affordable options. Learn more about what to expect from a career in audit here.