Making It Balance: a Guide to a Career in Audit for your Students

Explore the Possibilities a Career in Audit Provides

We know that talking to high school students about their future career can be hard, and we’re here to help. Making it Balance takes you on a journey as three future auditors explore the exciting range of careers in audit and accounting (fueled by us here at Discover Audit). On this career exploration road trip, Da’Rell, Sobia and Lailani meet with leaders who began their careers in audit and accounting.

Filmed for the Roadtrip Nation public television series, this experience introduces a diverse group of young people—and TV audiences—to the wide range of paths in auditing and accounting while also working to dispel some of the common stereotypes tied to these careers. On the road, they learn that auditing is more than a job, it’s a career that can open up many different doors in the future, from sports to music to technology.

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Share Your Road

Through Discover Audit, the Center for Audit Quality is collaborating with the career experts at Roadtrip Nation to create a community where auditing and accounting professionals can share their stories with fellow and future team members to learn from—and grow with—each other.

Everyone has a story about how they got to where they are today — and every story holds lessons.

More Resources for your Students

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