Meet An Auditor: Aazan St. Rose

When Aazan St. Rose began his career in audit, he thought the path ahead of him would be a straight line. Now, as an Audit Partner at Crowe, he knows that a career in audit or accounting has endless destinations. Discover his story in the Share Your Road portal

Growing up, Aazan’s parents wanted him to be a doctor, but he found himself much more interested in math than science. After taking an accounting class in high school, Aazan knew that this would be the career path for him. Sound like any of your students? Point them toward our resources for high school students.

In college, Aazan wasn’t exactly sure what a career in accounting would mean for him, but he chose to pursue auditing so he wouldn’t be stuck in one place. A career in audit gave Aazan the freedom to travel, work in many different areas, and interact with people all over the world. Do you have students who love to try new things? Aazan proves that with a career in audit, no two days are exactly the same. 

When Aazan first started his career, he was afraid he didn’t know enough. He quickly learned that with an open mind and willingness to adapt to new things, he could succeed. Aazan also struggled with public speaking, but with practice and reinforcement, it’s now something that he enjoys about his job. 

A career in audit gives Aazan endless opportunities, and he doesn’t know where exactly it will take him. Having so many options and possibilities is exciting to Aazan, and he’s thankful his career in audit has opened so many doors for him. 

What advice does Aazan have for students interested in a career in Audit?

  • Be self-aware and accept constructive criticism. 
  • Get comfortable with public speaking.
  • Ask for help when you need it.

If you want to know more about Aazan St. Rose’s journey, check out his Share Your Road profile

Adding the Share Your Road portal to your lesson plan is a great way to teach your students about a career in audit, without leaving the computer.