Meet an Auditor: Malcomb Coley

When Malcomb was in grade school, he thought for sure he would go into a career in sports until he signed up for an accounting class to fill his schedule. Now, he’s enjoying his job as Carolinas Market Leader and Charlotte Managing Partner at Ernst & Young. You can discover his full story in the Share Your Road portal. 

Malcomb grew up in eastern North Carolina, in an area with a lot of poverty. He came from a blue-collar home and when it came time to career plan, Malcomb had to navigate the world of accounting largely on his own. Now, he’s hoping others can learn from his career path.

While Malcomb was forging his own career path, mentors in the field helped him realize his potential and gave him the encouragement to keep going. Having people who came from completely different backgrounds than him take an interest in his journey expanded his horizons. Finding people that cared about his career helped him exceed his career expectations. 

A career in audit has exposed Malcomb to more about business and the world than he thought possible. His career enabled him to make friends all around the globe, and allowed him to travel to over 50 countries. Malcomb never thought when he was in school that he would be where he is today, but he’s grateful for all of the opportunities his career in audit has given him.

What advice does Malcomb have for future auditors?

  • Work on your people skills
  • Know how to take constructive criticism
  • Always be the hardest worker in the room

If you want to know more about Malcomb’s journey, check out his Share Your Road profile