Meet An Auditor: Chris York

August 2018 Update


Name: Chris York

Current job and location: Manager and Career Coach at Crowe Horwath LLP, Atlanta, GA

Number of years with the firm: 4 years

Hometown: Chickamauga, GA

College/Major: Kennesaw State University/BBA in Accounting and MAcc in Financial Reporting and Auditing

How long have you now been employed with your accounting firm?

It will be 4 years in October

Briefly describe your current role, and how it’s different than when we last connected.

I have moved into a manager role in my engagements, and supervise teams rather than working independently on individual assignments. This has allowed me to transition from the “identifier of the potential issue” to the individual who actually breaks down the situation and creates a viable solution for the team. This has led to more visibility to leaders, both at the firm and at some of my largest clients, which has allowed me to begin cultivating relationships on a professional level. I have also been assigned as a career coach for a new staff-level team member who started in October, which created opportunities to grow as a leader, and the chance to impact someone else’s career in the firm.

What are you most excited about in your current position?

The most exciting aspect of my new role in the firm is the transition to supervising teams with the potential to impact the careers of multiple professionals on my engagements, and also the opportunity to bring new ideas to the table using data analytics more efficiently. No workday is ever the same, and I find myself being pushed outside of my comfort zone on a daily basis. This, and the tremendous mentors I have within the firm, make my role very rewarding and leave me extremely excited for the future.

Now that you have advanced in your career, is there any new advice that you would offer to undergraduate students who are considering a career in audit?

My best advice is never be scared to step outside your comfort zone. The audit profession is experiencing a tremendous shift with the age of big data, and with change brings significant opportunities to be influential in what the profession will become. Be confident in yourself, know what you bring to the table as an individual, and do not be afraid to take opportunities that will propel your growth on a personal and professional level.

Finally, what do you most look forward to in your professional future?

I am looking forward to the audit of the future, and the great opportunities this creates for the profession overall to become more valuable to the capital markets. We have a unique opportunity to re-brand our profession in a quickly changing business world to become more dynamic, efficient, and effective in the way we perform our work. I believe this will present unique opportunities in my career that I fully plan to take head-on, and hope this will help me grow as a leader at the firm and in the profession overall.

Original 2016 Post

Name & Age: Chris York, 26

Current job and location: Senior Staff at Crowe Horwath LLP, Atlanta, GA

Number of years with the firm: 2 years

Hometown: Chickamauga, GA

College/Major: Kennesaw State University/BBA in Accounting and MAcc in Financial Reporting and Auditing


1. Briefly describe what is your current role at the firm?

I work in the audit business unit, specifically in financial services, and have specialized in acquisition accounting over the past year. I primarily work on audits of publicly traded banks in the Southeast region.

2. What one personal quality helps you most in your auditing career and why?

My work ethic and commitment to the people around me. People often picture the stereotypical accountant crunching numbers in the basement, however this is very far from my daily routine. I spend most of my day answering staff questions, on the phone with members of the company management, working through complex accounting issues, or in meetings either internally or with management. Being able to multi-task and stay focused throughout the day is challenging, however necessary to achieve success in audit. One of the best aspects of this career is that I have so many amazing mentors at the firm that help build these qualities in me. Any success I have realized over the past two years is due to a commitment to myself and a work ethic instilled in me by my parents, coaches and teachers throughout school, and leaders in the firm.

3. What experience as an undergraduate student provided you with the best preparation for your job and why?

My internship with Crowe, collaborating with other students as a tutor at the school, and experience working within teams in the classroom best prepared me for my first two years in the firm. Specifically, the internship with Crowe instilled a deeper value of professionalism and commitment to integrity that carried into my first years as a full-time hire at the firm. The experiences collaborating with other students as a tutor taught me to identify and understand different learning styles, and how I can adapt my interaction accordingly to produce the best results. Also, experiences working within teams in the classroom helped prepare me for collaboration on the audit team as I began my career.

4. What advice, personal or professional, do you have for students considering a career in auditing?

Keep a positive attitude and always be open to constructive feedback. You will not always get it right the first time, and it is how you respond that will define you in your career. The best advice I can give is to surround yourself with individuals who make you better, both on a personal and professional level, and find a strong mentor to help you grow.

5. What has been the best part of your job and why?

The absolute best part of my job is the fact that I am challenged each and every day. The growth you experience in public accounting, especially in the first few years, is just astronomical and almost hard to believe when I look back at where I was two years ago. The environment is fast paced, full of extremely intelligent individuals, and provides the opportunities to direct your career on a personal level. This combined with the ability, and trust from management to work remotely, really are the best aspects of my job as it allows for substantial growth in my career and flexibility to have a personal life as well.