Strengths and Skills That Great Auditors Possess

Are you someone who is a natural problem solver, has an unquenchable curiosity, and likes to stay current on relevant business issues? Then you should think about a career as an auditor. Here are a few other valuable strengths and skills that are beneficial to a rewarding career as an auditor.

Problem-Solving Skills

Auditors need to use their analytical skills to examine information, interpret it, and present innovative and alternative solutions to a problem. Innovative thinking — not to mention responsibility, ethics, and honesty — is what will get you respect in the business world.

Tech Know-How

As an auditor, you’ll need to be adaptable to existing and emerging technologies in business environments, and understand how to use them effectively (i.e. you need to be “tech savvy”). Also, being a master of spreadsheets (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets) is always a beneficial skill.

Teamwork & Communications Services

While business and auditing involve a lot of technical issues, strong communication – written and verbal – and people skills are a big plus. Many auditors work together in teams, so communicating well within a team environment and building relationships are also helpful skills to possess. Good listening skills also go a long way!

High Standards of Integrity

Ethics and integrity are critical to auditing. Integrity in the work of auditors helps to establish trust, which is critical to high functioning capital markets. Auditors need to be honest and have strong moral principles.

Inquisitive Mind

Inquisitive and curious people can make for great auditors. Professional skepticism (having a questioning mind), objectivity (open-minded), and good judgment are important traits to have when reviewing a company’s financial statements. One needs to assess how perpetrators of fraud can beat a company’s controls, and auditors need to design and implement a system that can effectively protect an organization’s assets.


A detail-oriented auditor makes a conscious effort to understand causes, not just the effects. They understand the big picture and the small details, and are typically organized.

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