Superheroes That Might Just Make Good Auditors

Halloween gif

It is that time of year again…Halloween! If you need some costume inspiration, look no further than public company auditors who bring their super skills to the job every day and play a critical role in the system of investor protection. Auditors possess tons of great skills, some of which are shared by the best known capped crusaders. Check out a few superheroes that might consider putting their skills to work in the audit profession after they hang up their capes!

    1. Batman

      Like Batman, auditors are analytic and precise. Batman has some cool gadgets, which goes the same way for auditors because they’re always applying new technologies to enhance the quality of financial reporting and improve efficiency.

    2. Wonder Woman

      Like Wonder Woman, auditors use their skills and strengths for good. Audited financial statements help investors make informed decisions. And when auditors aren’t hard at work on public company audits, many are giving back to their communities. Check out these audit firm employees helping plant garden beds in Pittsburgh, and sorting out canned goods at a food bank in Chicago.
      Auditors Doing Community Service Auditors doing community service by sorting cans.

    3. Iron Man

      Iron Man’s precision and ability to adapt and evolve make him a force to be reckoned with. Auditors also have to adapt to the ever-changing markets in a global economy, which means a commitment to continuous improvement and keeping their skills fresh. For example, auditors spend time participating in learning and development activities to further prepare them for audits of the future. They also embrace the latest technology like data analytics and drones.

    4. Captain America

      Like Captain America, auditors have a keen understanding of the importance of teamwork and a strong drive to achieve and succeed. Auditors are a highly motivated bunch of people, and they love a challenge! Not only do auditors work hard with their teams, they also find time to have fun, spend time with family and friends, and pursue their passions.

    5. The Flash

      The Flash is known for his problem-solving abilities. Auditors are armed with independence, objectivity, and skepticism every day to address and solve tough challenges.

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Auditors play an important role in our markets and system of investor protection. By providing assurance for financial statements, they help build trust and serve our communities every day, just like our favorite superheroes!

If you’re dressing up as one of the superheroes listed above, make sure you tag @discoveraudit.  We’d love to see your costume!