These 3 Students Went on the Roadtrip of a Lifetime

Entering the real world after graduation can be scary, and finding your road can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, you don’t have to figure it out all on your own. You can see this for yourself in the recently released trailer for Making it Balance.

So what’s Making It Balance? It’s the trailer from last year’s audit-focused Roadtrip Nation. For a refresher, after a rigorous application process, Roadtrip Nation selected three students from different backgrounds for a cross-country trip to discover what it’s like to have a career in auditing and accounting. Over the course of three weeks, they talked to professionals in the field about how they found their path to a successful career in audit.

Who are they? 

All three road-trippers are graduates that come from diverse backgrounds and experienced unique journeys leading up to the trip. They’re interested in a career in audit, but want to learn more about what it takes. 

What will they do?

They’re traveling around the country talking to professionals in the field about how they got to where they are. Fortunately for them, they’ll discover that there’s no one path to a successful career as an auditor. 

What about you?

Thanks to the camera crew, you get to learn all the same lessons, without all the hours in a van. Pretty cool, right?

Watch the trailer to get a sneak peek at this road trip of a lifetime. The full series will be broadcasted on public television, and coming soon! 

In the meantime, learn from current professionals and discover your road to a career in audit with our Share Your Road portal.