Where Are They Now? Revisiting Our Young Auditing Professionals Panel

One of the most prized career benefits we hear from our network of Young Auditing Professionals Panel (or YAPPers as they call themselves) is how fast their careers advance. Whether through promotions, new jobs, or even just new challenges, they feel like there is always an opportunity to grow and become a better professional.

So, we decided to reach back out the YAPPers we interviewed just under two years ago to see what’s new in their world. Read below (and check out their full updates) to see what a difference just two years can make in public company auditing!


Carly Peters - Young Auditing Professional

Carly is now an Audit & Assurance Senior with Deloitte & Touche LLP and continues to serve a large company in the Atlanta office of Deloitte. She shares how her responsibilities have increased and now include coaching staff, reviewing work papers, and assisting in managing her audit engagements. Be sure to check out the great advice Carly gives to undergraduate students who are considering a career in audit & assurance.

Read her full update here.


Tirsa - Young Auditing Professional

Tirsa did not intend to leave PwC after three years, but when she got an opportunity at Google, she knew her experience in audit had prepared her for such an innovative and constantly evolving company. You definitely want to learn more about Tirsa’s new role at Google as a Financial Auditor focusing on Alphabet’s Other Bets (e.g., Verily, Waymo, etc.).

Read her full update here.


Chris York - Young Auditing Professional

In his fourth year now with Crowe, Chris is enjoying cultivating relationships on a professional level. Learn about how he continues to dispel the myth that accounting is just “crunching numbers in a basement.” In fact, his recent transition to supervising has him growing as a leader and helping shape the careers of fellow colleagues who are taking the same path behind him.

Read his full update here.


Jessica - Young Auditing Professional

Jessica is now Senior Associate at BDO and has gone from being a staff member of her team to leading her team in their day-to-day activities. Find out why she finds being an auditor so rewarding and how her career advancement has led to an even more flexible work schedule for things like spending time with friends.

Read her full update here.


Mike Chalena -Young Auditing Professional

Mike is in his fourth year at RSM and is enjoying the people aspect of public accounting, along with helping to mentor and train new staff. Much like his colleagues listed here, he notices a great shift as he has already grown from a “preparer” role to a manager and reviewer role. See even more about how Mike feels about the profession, along with how his role has changed since starting with the firm right out of college.

Read his full update here.


Zana - Young Auditing Professional

With almost four years under her belt at EY, Zana is already an Assurance Senior, which means she is the first point of contact with company management and her engagement team executives regarding accounting and auditing issues. Learn more about how she already feels like a leader and an experienced advisor when working the “future of the firm”.

Read her full update here.


Spencer - Young Auditing Professional

Spencer has been with KPMG for almost four years now and is most excited about how much ownership he has with his work and with leading his teams. He says he has more confidence with experience under his belt. Read more about how in his current role as Senior Associate, he is coaching Associates (first and second year auditors), supporting his managers and partners, and interacting with company management on a daily basis.

Read his full update here.


Julie - Young Auditing Professional

Julie has gained a vast amount of experience in her four years at RSM. She built her foundation in audit, and found her fit in overseeing day to day operations. When we last connected with her, she had transferred from the audit practice to campus recruiting, but now she is the Office Manager for RSM’s entire NYC office. Check out how this new role puts her background in audit to use.

Read her full update here.


Jenna - Young Auditing Professional

Jenna is finishing up her third year at KPMG and loves that her career is challenging her in new ways every day. She is the lead senior on her team which means she is overseeing a team of 15 people and making her place in the planning phases of audit. Hear more from Jenna about the skills she thinks all college students should learn, and how her job lead her to hanging out with the Lombardi Trophy the day after the Superbowl.

Read her full update here.

Every day looks different for each of these professionals but what’s the one thing they all have in common? They’re constantly giving back and feeling good about the work that they’re doing! What’s next for these Young Auditing Professionals? We’ll keep you posted. And in the meanwhile, you can always check out more career pathways with Adventures in Audit!