#AuditorProud 2018: Let’s Recap the Day!

The 4th annual #AuditorProud Day was a huge success!

Thank you for your thousands of posts across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. There was so much great engagement helping us showcase the public company auditing profession and its value to our markets and economy! Check out some of our highlights below:

1.#AuditorProud Day 2018 was focused on busting myths about a career in audit. Whether it was proving that auditors do have work-life balance and time for fun through sky-diving photos or proving that being an auditor isn’t lonely when you have your #workfam by your side, auditors showed us.

The public accounting firms and the AICPA were all over busting myths too! They shared creative videos, infographics, and even a quiz, that help get the record straight.

2. Members of the CAQ’s Governing Board wrote advice to their younger selves in postcards. Each member penned a letter Mad-Libs style sharing the great experiences to come. You can read every postcard here.

3. We had participants from 103 countries in our blitz this year. Auditors in almost every time zone were sharing their pride all day long on September 27th.

4. Students entered the #FutureAuditor contest by sharing photos and stories online about how they will become an auditor after graduation. Thanks to our friends at Beta Alpha Psi, we were able to host a headshot booth at the BAP annual conference that some students used as their submissions. You can check out the winners to the contest here.


5. Firms and partners, big and small, got creative this year. Some of our favorites came from BT&Co. CPAs who got “Low” in an awesome audit music video, and from Start Here Go Places by the AICPA for their hilarious Q&A about what everyday auditors are like.

  1. A big thank you to our entire Discover Audit community! With your help, we increased our reach across the social media universe. That means more people saw your messages using #AuditorProud and #FutureAuditor and had a chance to learn more about the world of public company auditing.

    Let’s keep the momentum going! Message us, tag us, and keep using #AuditorProud and #FutureAuditor in your posts. Let’s make every day #AuditorProud Day!