Gear Up for #AuditorProud Day!

It’s almost time for the 5th annual #AuditorProud Day social media blitz, which will take place on Thursday, September 26th. This online event provides a great opportunity to showcase the value of the audit profession, and to engage with the #FutureAuditor community!

Here are some ideas on how you can gear up for our 5th #AuditorProud Day and be a part of the celebration.

1. Auditors – This year’s theme is loosely based on the 10-year challenge buzzing around on social media. We are asking auditors to take a look back (or forward) five years to put the benefits of a career in public company accounting on full display!

Experienced Auditors – Take the time to reflect on your recent past by sharing pictures and stories of where you were personally professionally 5 years ago and where you are today. Post on social media using #AuditorProud to join the global conversation. 

Newer Auditors – Look forward 5 years into the future and share where you hope your career in audit will take you! Share a photo of you and your co-workers, of you on your favorite work trip, or anything that makes you #AuditorProud.

2. Students – Are you considering a career as a public company auditor? You should be! Follow the hashtag #AuditorProud to see why public company audit professionals love their careers and use the hashtag #FutureAuditor to show your followers why you are pursuing a career in audit.

3. Educators – Are you looking for an exciting career opportunity to share with your students? A career in audit can provide a strong business foundation, new challenges, good pay, travel, and more. Have your students follow the hashtag to learn more!

Check out our highlight reel below for inspiration and visit our full Auditor Proud Resources page for more ideas on how to join in the fun. Don’t forget! Follow @DiscoverAudit on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more #AuditorProud related updates and highlights!