How to Make the Most of Your Internship

You sent resumes. You interviewed. You finally got your dream internship! So now what?

Beyond just adding the business name to your resume, you want make the most of your time in the workplace to strengthen the skills you’ll need for your post-college career (which hopefully is as a #FutureAuditor!).

Here are six key skills to strengthen during your internship, whether you choose a career in audit or not:

1) Problem Solving

Don’t just identify the problem. Use your analytical skills to think about creative solutions. As a fresh member of the team, you might have new ideas to bring to the table.

2) Technology

We know you’ve got Snapchat down, but have you mastered spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets? Understanding technology used in a business environment is a beneficial skill and a sure way to get ahead!

3) Integrity

Strong ethics and integrity are always important, but especially in public company auditing, an industry that verifies a company’s financial health. Always be honest and demonstrate strong moral principles, even as an intern.

4) Teamwork

So how did you do on those group projects in school? The business world often means working with a team, and one you don’t necessarily get to select. This is especially true in the work of public company auditors. Build strong relationships and communicate well both verbally and in writing. Of course, don’t forget to listen and ask questions when you don’t understand something.

5) Curiosity

Inquisitive and curious people make great auditors and tend to thrive in business in general. You can cultivate these traits by asking questions, being open-minded, and leveraging professional skepticism when appropriate.

6) Attention to Detail

It’s important to understand the big picture goal of your assignments (using your curiosity skills, of course), but small details are critical to success. Double check your work before you share it to make sure you’re avoiding even small mistakes.

How will you remember to apply all these skills at work every day? Print this tip sheet and hang it at your desk!