Premiere Time! The Roadtrip of a Lifetime

It’s finally time for the premiere of Making it Balance, the latest documentary from Roadtrip Nation, where three young adults embark on a 21-day journey in an RV meeting with leaders in the auditing and accounting profession across the country to find out how they can pave their path to success. Spoiler alert: They realize that there’s no set path to a career in audit, and your starting point does not determine your destination!

Here’s how you can watch and help spread the word:

  1. Get to know the Roadtrippers!  From hometown to career goals, there are many ways you might be able to relate to Sobia, Da’Rell, and Leilani. Da’Rell hopes to one day build a firm that focuses on educating black-owned businesses on financial topics. Sobia is looking for role models who represent her as a woman and a minority. Leilani is hoping to gain the business savvy to be able to open her own business someday so she can provide for her family. Learn more here.
  2. Find an hour to watch the documentary! While Sobia, Da’Rell, and Leilani were on the road for 21 days, you can follow their journey in under an hour. Check your local PBS listings for airtimes for Making It Balance, or you can view the documentary online at any time.
  3. Invite others!  Everyone knows that road trips are no fun alone. Let your friends and colleagues know that you’re getting on the road with us by sharing the sample social posts below. You can also host virtual watch parties and stay tuned for our discussion guides.  
    • Join me on the road trip of a lifetime by watching the #MakingItBalance documentary.  Three young people travel across the country to learn what it takes to become a successful auditor or accountant.
    • A career in accounting or audit is not what you might expect! Watch the new #MakingItBalance documentary from @RoadtripNation and discover that your starting point does not determine your destination!

Finally, after you’ve watched Making It Balance let us know what you think by posting on social and tagging @ Discover Audit on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using #MakingItBalance. 


Happy trails!